Album Haute Experiences Cocktail Buenos Aires

Album Haute Experiences Cocktail Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Here is the final photo album of our Haute Experiences Cocktail in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Click HERE) Our launching cocktail series around the world. This time at the terrace of the brand new luxury hotel HUB Porteño Buenos Aires. Thank you everyone for joining both, Luigi and I, at this event and for your donations for our charity HELP US HELP. We collected lots of toys for kids at the Hospital de Niños de Buenos Aires. Stay tuned for our next event around the world. You can also check our previous event at the Miraflores Park Hotel by Orient-Express in Lima, Peru.

Haute Experiences – bespoke groups & events around the world. At haute experiences we thrive for true unique unmatched experiences, those that reflect and expose, the soul of our featured destinations. Join one our small groups on a pre-designed itinerary, based on our own travel acquaintances and logs as out gay travelers, combined with the expert; recommendations of our on location tour operators. Haute class, style, comfort and the world’s greatest destinations. Check our next departures @ Looking forward to have you as own of our travelers. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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